Cost Estimating

GCCI estimates using Planswift software to quantify data. We then integrate into a proprietary program for developing cost data modeling for internal management. Our team is adept with RS Means and Gordian’s Progen system, for proposal building and real-time estimating for our clients. We use the data from the various sources and formats, then run the assemblies through RS Means, Progen, and real cost data from subcontractors, vendors, and in-house personnel, to verify budget and cost prior to starting the work. This is the basis of the work conceptualization for both internal control and external control.

We use Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel for work schedules, including real time technology for all team members via Outlook for portable e-mail access. We use BIM to demonstrate the entire building life cycle for customers, including the processes of construction and facility operation. Quantities and shared properties of materials can be extracted easily. Scopes of work can be isolated and defined. This allows for systems, assemblies and sequences to be shown in a real-time scale with the entire facility or group of facilities.

GCCI also manage all of the work from a central office for Government reporting, payroll and other administrative work. They locally procure a warehouse and office for the duration of the work to handle ongoing daily operations. They also use the Foundation Office System which is powerful financial and operations solution for construction management that allows their professionals to control costs and maximize revenues. With its integrated and scalable approach, Foundation Office provides a modular and flexible solution for internal control.

They also use the “BUY IN” method, where once the work is approved, they buy all the major materials and assemblies and store them in their warehouse. The materials are delivered to the job on a daily basis which allows for expeditious construction and eliminates costly delays.