Site Work

Your Commercial Site Work Partner

Commercial Site Work prepares the land/lots for construction projects and often includes: soil testing, demolition to existing structures, land clearing, excavating, leveling, grading, surveying and utility preparation. When choosing a contractor to perform site work in preparation for a construction project, it is important to select a partner that is competent and has a proven track record of success. Gibraltar Construction Company Inc. has 50+ years of construction experience and remains a site work partner for clients all over the United States.

Experience Matters

We offer the following commercial site work services:

  • Demolishing any existing structures (which also includes cutting off existing electricity or water supply & drainage services, protecting adjoining properties & waste removal)
  • Testing the soil & structural engineering assessments
  • Clearing the land
  • Stump removal & grubbing
  • Termiticides and other soil treatments
  • Levelling or grading
  • Cutting and filling the land
  • Installing retaining walls
  • Surveying and building planning
  • Connecting water supplies, drainage, etc.
  • Preparing trenches for slab subfloors, or holes for pilings or stumps
  • Concrete walkways & asphalt paving

Why Is Site Work So Important?

Since site work includes the preliminary work of preparing a construction site for building and development, it is imperative that every detail is considered and no shortcuts are made. Site work depends on the specific environmental conditions of the construction site in addition to the goals and needs of the overall project. Sitework is an extremely important first step in best construction practices because it quite literally “sets the foundation” for everything that follows, protects the site, and helps minimize or even eliminate potential problems in the future.